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Building Boosters of Nordonia Hills Inc. in partnership with the Nordonia Hills area Schools, including St. Barnabas, are sponsoring the Nordonia Hills Teacher Wishlist. The purpose of the Teacher Wishlist Facebook group is to connect families, community businesses and organizations in the Nordonia Hills area and beyond with teachers and staff in our local schools.


We ask educators, staff, and administrators to post items they'd love to have, where and what they teach, and why this item would be helpful to them and their classroom. If a parent or community member would like to fulfill the wish, they will claim it in the post, and contact the teacher to organize the purchase and drop off! As with any donation, all items donated are the property of the classroom and not the teacher--to be clear and legal.

You can make a donation of items directly to the teacher. If you wish to make a monetary donation or a donation of items through Building Boosters of Nordonia Hills, Inc. you may also do so.


Any items or monetary donations made through Building Boosters will be donated 100% to the teacher or to the cause you choose and will be considered a restricted donation.

Click here to view more information through our Facebook page.

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